Bullet Listening to Podcasts
In order to listen to one of the "O'Donnell on Technology" pdodcasts/webcasts (the words are interchangeable--they just mean an online audio file that's typically like a radio program), all you have to do is click on one of the audio links below. If you click with the left mouse button, as you normally would, then the browser will launch a media player application (such as Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime, iTunes, etc.) and the file will begin to download. After a certain period of time (it can take a while), the file will just start to play.

If you right click on the file, you can select Save File As... from the menu that pops up and then save the MP3 of the program (that's the file format the webcasts/podcasts are in) to your computer's hard drive. Once it's there, you can save it or open it as you would any other file. To play it, you would just click on the downloaded file and the appropriate media application will open up and play it. In addition, if you have an MP3 or an iPod, you can transfer the file over to one of those devices as you normally transfer music files and then listen to it on that device.

March 10, 2007
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