Podcast Episode 5, September 20, 2021

ZoomTopia, iPhone 13, Apple Event, Arm SOAFEE, Silicon Labs Works With, GlobalFoundries Tech Summit, Cisco Investor Day

The latest Everything Technology podcast analyzes the news from Zoom’s Zoomtopia event, discusses the iPhone 13, iPad Mini and Watch Series 7 from Apple’s event, chats about the automotive focused SOAFEE effort from ARM, talks about Silicon Labs’ Works With event and GlobalFoundries’ Technology Summit, and analyzes the news from Cisco’s Investor Day and Analyst Event.

5G Evolution and Advancements

Interview with Dr. Tingfang Ji, Sr. Director Engineering, Qualcomm

The interview in this episode is with Qualcomm’s Dr. Tingfang Ji, Sr. Director of Engineering and it discusses the creation and evolution of 5G standards, the transition from 5G non-Standalone to 5G Standalone, growing emphasis on 5G edge computing applications and much more.

Here’s a link to the article on Arm’s SOAFEE automotive effort that I mentioned in the podcast: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/arm-working-enable-software-defined-car-bob-o-donnell/

In addition, here’s a link to a Forbes article where i analyzed the announcements from GlobalFoundries in more detail: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bobodonnell/2021/09/15/globalfoundries-advancements-qualcomm-partnership-push-5g-ahead/